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VLOG #8 – 9 Dolls In A Row

Today we take a look at 9 dolls lined up in a row:

dolls featured:
Caprice #46 WM 155cm L Cup
Erika #86 WM 160cm giant breast (Passion Dolls)
Caprice #46 WM 155cm L Cup
head #142 WM 170cm H Cup
Mary JY 165cm Muscle Girl
Sinthetic doll
Emma #149 WM 170cm H Cup
Lori #129 YL 160cm JJ Cup
Caprice #46 WM 170cm M Cup

2 thoughts on “VLOG #8 – 9 Dolls In A Row

  1. Can you tell me what kind of doll it is between Mary and Emma? It looks really sexy!

    1. that’s an early Sinthetic doll

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