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The Sexdoll Podcast – Episode 4

Today we talk about what we hope you’ll use our dolls for and how we want them to help you. We also lightly touch on MGTOW.

2 thoughts on “The Sexdoll Podcast – Episode 4

  1. I fall into the latter camp of long term doll ownership; multiple dolls actually. I think it would be cool to have a “dolls anonymous” where we can get together in RL, maybe with our dolls but not necessarily and discuss why we got into it and why we’re still in the community. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of discrimination towards us so that makes things difficult and i’m not sure that will ever change.

    I’m assuming that the long term doll ownership community is very small and sparsely populated throughout the country so that would mean possible long distance commutes. The meetup may need to be scheduled at longer intervals to counteract this, maybe a monthly or even quarterly schedule.

    It’s something I was thinking of starting myself. Still in the planning phase at the moment. I want to attend the UK annual doll meetup to get a sense of what it’s like.

    1. I think it’s the same with anything when you’re in the minority. Even on a planet of billions and the connectedness of the internet we can still feel alone as the complexity and sheer number of possible experiences and feelings can isolate us, even from people who’ve had a similar experience but differ in some key area. Keep searching

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