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Showroom Update Plus Other Changes

We’ve got some more exciting changes coming up shortly. Next week should see the completion of our move into bigger premises. It’s just next door but it gives us more room to bring all of our outsourced distribution back in house. Presently, we don’t ship our accessories and sex toys directly but will start to do so again. This will ensure every order is perfect and will also give us a later cut off time for next day delivery – we’re hoping for around 5pm. It will also allow us to concentrate more on expanding the range of accessories, so if there’s anything you think we should add let us know – yes, I know, you’re all screaming for clothes – we’re working on it 🙂

We’ll also be able to set up a more functional showroom. Whilst you’ve always been able to come and visit us, what we’d have in stock at any time would vary widely and movement was limited. Whereas now we’ll have a set area, maintain a minimal stock level and be more able to accommodate you time wise. As we’re up north it’s often tricky for many of you to make the trip but it should be more worth your while now.

We’ve made a lot of website changes recently and have a lot more coming over the next few weeks, to improve flow and user experience. If you like what we do, let us know and, of course if you don’t, let us know. We’re aware of an issue with getting password reminders for your account (if you forget yours) and we should have that fixed shortly. In the mean time feel free to catch us on chat and we’ll hook you up.

In terms of new manufacturers, we’re in talks with 4 right now. If we can make some of them work and we’re happy we’ll bring them to you. One of them may be quite the surprise. We’ve also recently ditched DS Dolls, we think they’ve had their day and have got too much wrong lately (sorry guys, no offence).

Finally, I’m hoping to be a lot more free personally, to continue being your primary contact for the business and to be even more available. So if you see an even higher level of interaction, don’t be surprised. I love all of you guys, I mean that. I care for each of you and your wellbeing and this journey we’re all on. This is my way of helping the world heal. OK, mushy stuff over, I’m out of here 🙂

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  1. good luck for the future on your new showroom

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