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Robot Sex Dolls

Are they real? Not yet! Are they coming? Yes! How long until they come? Not long!

There’s a lot of hype about robotic sex dolls at the minute. One company, Realdoll, are making some advancements in this field so they’re whipping up some media interest. We’re already also fascinated on the back of movies like I Am Robot, AI, Humans (UK Channel 4 series) and Ex Machina so it doesn’t take much to tip us over the edge. The reason for that is that although there won’t be massive advancements in the physical look of the doll, as they’re already easily mistaken for humans in photos, the actual movement and verbal interaction of them will take things to a new level. It will bridge the gap from them being a niche or luxury item, to their being a must have and take them further to become essential items – like a house or car. In any case, I’m guessing in the early to mid days they’ll likely cost more than a car and maybe as much as a house.

As you can see, from this already dated video above, the mechanical tech is already there and has been for a while. Throw in some AI that’s almost there, get it to market and make a profitable business and all our fantasies come true. Who’ll do this? Realdoll, the Chinese, a surprise animatronics Japanese company? In my mind until they go beyond sex robots and become utility robots that can also (coughs under breath) ‘have sex’ then mainstream manufacturers will not enter the market – if they ever do. So this fast but slow race is one to watch.

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  1. check out these robotic retiles, like I said… we’re there already

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