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Losing Your Virginity To A Sex Robot

Back in the old days, life was simple. You went to school, you got a job for life, you got married and you had kids. That generally meant you were guaranteed to have sex before you were 18. These days though, life is different: we don’t settle down as early, we’re more self involved with social media and we don’t drink as much alcohol. Things like daily stress, social anxiety and general distrust of others is on the rise and all of a sudden we’ve got a world full of virgins, walking around all pent up and on edge. Once you go beyond a certain point, say 18 then it starts to become a bit of a thing. You might be pleased with it for a while but as your age increases into your 20’s and 30’s then it’s, at the very least, an awkward subject, if not an area of embarrassment.

First date of a couple. Young woman is flirting with shy man sitting on sofa.

The general way to do this would be by having a relationship, or number of relationships, in which you gradually increased the level of sexual contact from friendship, to relationship, kissing, cuddling, foreplay and then sex. So maybe you’ve already got so far but then can’t make the next leap. Maybe you’ve got to the kissing stage but can’t move to foreplay, or maybe you’ve got to the foreplay stage but can’t push through. Maybe, you’ve never even kissed anyone.

There can be a number of reasons why we get stuck ranging from lack of attraction, confidence or emotional issues. Maybe you’re targeting the wrong sex or your setting your standards too high or too low. Maybe you’ve been put down all your life and don’t think you’re worthy of sex. Or maybe you have a poor upbringing or were abused in one way or another – leading to a stunted emotional development.

So if you’ve got to that stage of your life, where it’s just not happening naturally for you and you’re determined to get over this hump in your life, then there are a number of ways to do this. First, you can get drunk and hope to lose your inhibitions with a friend or stranger. This is easier for women than men though and if you’re a guy who’s struggling socially, getting drunk may make it even harder to get laid.

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Second, you could visit a prostitute and many guys do it this way, however that assumes you can function physically and socially even when it’s on a plate. You’re also going to have to come up with a bit of money but I’d say this was a reasonable sum considering what you’re trying to achieve and I think if you’re in a position where you can’t at least save up the money for an hour of a ladies time, then you’ve got bigger problems than popping your cherry.

Third, you could make it with a sex doll and before you shout out “that doesn’t count!”, let me tell you why it does. Losing your virginity was at one time classed as putting your penis inside a womans vagina and ejaculating. Ok, so what happens if you thrusted in and out for 45 minutes and were interrupted just before you shot your load – does that mean you’re still a virgin? Maybe but I think you came pretty close. Then what about the increasing acceptability of homosexuality? Where now getting a massive amount of men who never have sex with a woman and only ever jizz inside another mans butt! Does that mean he’s a virgin? Maybe 50 years ago some sticklers would have said “yes, that’s not the classic definition” but, with changing social attitudes, I think everyone today would accept that such a man was not a virgin. What about a woman, who only ever got it on with another woman? Is she a virgin? Well, it may be easier to say so but what if she used a strap on, what if she rubbed her honey pot on her partners until climaxing? You know, I’m not going to say she’s a virgin and I think that maybe the time to redefine it altogether is upon us – and if you’re still not feeling me on this, then what happens when we start having sex with aliens? Are you telling me Princess Neytiri from the Avatar movie wouldn’t count?

So I state that if you have sex with a realistic sex doll you will not only feel like you’ve had sex with a woman, you are in fact no longer a virgin. You won’t feel like a virgin and the confidence you get from it, especially if you do it on a regular basis, will propel you to more easily have sex with other people. Take it to the next level with sex robots that look like a woman, walk, talk and even bonk like a woman… come on! It counts, you know it does!

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