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I’m Looking For A Particular Doll

Once or twice a week we get an email from a customer asking for a specific set of characteristics on a doll. This can be anything from a rough height range, bust size and skin colour to a full list of exact requirements. In this case, I tell them to visit the doll pages and use the filters to narrow down the options and then select the one you want.

Occasionally we’ll get requests such as blue skin, wrinkled skin, cellulite or a giant ass. On other occasions a customer will say that one of our dolls is absolutely perfect if we could only chop the arms off or if the vagina lips were larger. Now some of this may be possible and some of it may not but you’re going to have to go down the custom route for this and that involves a lot of extra expense – so first ask if you could afford a regular doll, because if you couldn’t then you couldn’t afford a custom one. Then ask if those extra features are really worth double the cost of a regular doll.

The short of things is that, at present, each doll head and body have their own mould. This is a casing into which hot TPE is injected and allowed to cool. As such the doll comes out, how it comes out. They’re not hand crafted, nor 3D printed. So it’s not possible to change any of the features at this level. Some of you might say, that there are some doll bodies available with different breast sizes but that’s because there are multiple moulds for each of those. This might happen if a particular body is popular and the designers think the same body with different breasts would be a good idea.

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