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How To Store Your Sex Doll / Robot

Now that Sex Dolls and robots are common place, many different types of people own them for many different reasons. Some people live alone, some with friends and some with family. Some friends are understanding and some are not and the same goes for family. Sometimes, wives are perfectly happy with their husbands new hobby, sometimes they tolerate it and sometimes you’ll end up getting divorced if she found you’d even thought about a sex doll. So we need to consider a couple of things, how to store and where to store.

storing your sex doll

How To Store – if you own a TPE doll then the ideal way how to store your lover is to have her arms, legs, back and neck straight. Arms down by the side and legs closed (or fairly close together). You can do this with the doll stood up or with the doll laid down on the bed (as long as the bed is soft so the bum isn’t flattened). Having your doll in other positions for prolonged periods of time (more than a few hours) puts stress on the TPE and over a long time can lead to stretching and eventually tearing. This can happen a lot faster if the doll is overheated for long periods, e.g. direct sunlight.

Note on the whole if you take it easy with your doll this won’t happen.

Discretion – So some people need to keep them out of site and some don’t. Below, we’ll discuss the various options available for you and if you think of any others, please let us know:

  • laying your doll on the bed – this is how most people store their dolls if they don’t have to worry about other people in the house, or in their room. It’s a great way to do things as dolls are currently, pretty heavy and moving them around can require a bit of effort (which you should be spending on other tasks 😉 ). You can leave her under the covers so she remains pretty warm for those intimate moments and it’s just pretty great to fall asleep next to someone and wake up to someone so beautiful.
  • stand them in the closet – as Sex Dolls can now come with standing feet, it’s simple to put them in a cupboard and close the door. This covers tidiness and hides her away from prying eyes. If you’re doing this be sure to lean her slightly against the wall as you don’t want her falling over when you’re not around. It’s also a good idea to have clothes on her or put a piece of fabric in between the doll and the wall, as the oil from the TPE can leak into and stain your wall
  • hang them in the closet – you can buy hanging hooks that screw into the neck of your doll and then suspend it from a sturdy rail in your closet. This is particularly handy if you don’t have the standing feet option
  • hide them in their box or storage trunk – many people leave them in their boxes, sometimes under their beds. Or, similarly many people purchase lockable storage cases (flight cases they’re often called – like what musicians carry instruments around in)
  • store them in an ottoman bed – a similar method to that above is to buy a bed that lifts up to reveal a storage compartment underneath – if you’re due a new bed this is often a good way to kill two birds with one stone

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We also hear a number of other suggestions that we don’t necessarily recommend:

  • not in the loft or on top of the cupboard – many people think they’ll be able to hide them away somewhere high but as dolls are currently around 25kg plus this is very impractical and (in the case of the loft at least) would take so long to get out and put away that you may be surprised by a visitor before you can get her back up – not to mention how back breaking such a task is
  • in the shed or garage – again we wouldn’t recommend this unless it’s super warm with central heating (but then is it really a garage) – the reason for this is that the doll will then be extremely cold when you come to use it. This will mean that it will be fairly unpleasant touching the skin, or that it will take a long time warming her back up again. You also have the issue, that if you don’t clean her very thoroughly and leave her in there for a long time, that mould can develop in the cavities.

4 thoughts on “How To Store Your Sex Doll / Robot

  1. Hi needed a bit of help with storage I have the doll in a flight box its a bit heavy for me to move needed a shipping box that you first get them in cant see any to buy I have the lithia 5 foot doll

    1. A light alternative to the space case would be a cardboard box, it’s lighter but to be fair, it’s probably nearly as hard to move. Although, it’s lighter than the space case it doesn’t have a handle or wheels!

  2. I currently own one, a JY175, which weighs in at just over 42Kg. She’s not too bad to move around as the weight is quite well distributed. She spends most of her time in my bed lying on her back and I keep her covered with a sheet and duvet (mainly as a dust cover). If I have visitors, who don’t know about her, I keep my bedroom door closed.

    Bear in mind that if you are hanging her from a closet rail, the rail needs to be substantial and well anchored – the average closet rail is just not sturdy enough, especially for the heavier dolls out there. Also, getting them out from under ottoman beds can be a real challenge and a potential back breaking exercise.

    1. yeah a lot of guys leave the dolls in their beds – sometimes if they have visitors, they put a load of old clothes on the bed to make it look like a pile of laundry. That’s good advice about the hanging rail, I’ll make sure to add that to the product listing 🙂

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