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Gel Breasts

gel breasts for sex doll

There has been a minor debate over the years about solid breasts vs air filled breasts. This is where the breast would be completely filled with TPE or if there’d be an air pocket created inside to make them feel softer. For us this was a complete no brainer and once this came out there was no reason to offer solid breasts any more. Occasionally we’d get someone ask about them but not one person in the last 4 years actually ordered them.

However, we now have a new contender in the arena which isn’t an obvious choice and the new question becomes air-filled or gel-filled breasts. What often happens in these scenarios is that there’s a clear winner and this will ultimately come down to which feels better. Right now I couldn’t say as we’ve only just placed our first few orders for them.

Simply put, where there used to be air, there is now gel. The cavity inside the breast is also made larger than it would be if it was just fat. The pictures below, show how the gel looks inside the breast and a container of the gel itself.

Gel Breast Inside Look
Gel Breast Material
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