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Gel Breasts (What’s The Difference?)

We shipped a new doll to a customer with gel filled breasts. However, upon receiving the doll, the customer said that they were not gel filled but appeared to be air filled.

What do you think guys – gel or air?

[UPDATE 13/6/20: The factory have confirmed that the breasts are in fact gel filled. The customer is happy with the purchase, though I’m still waiting to confirm if he believes this, is unsure or still thinks they are not.]


15 thoughts on “Gel Breasts (What’s The Difference?)

  1. Which body model/breast size is showed in this video?

    1. She’s a WM 156cm H Cup 🙂

  2. Those definitely gel filled.
    Try tapping them, do they sound hollow? Are you able to pinch your fingers together with the boob between them without force?
    Hollows look great and feel real if handled gently. Gel and Saltwater have a lot of potential but as mentioned above, with the current very soft Jinsan TPE mix the I personally find that the solids are the most realistic…. Sure that its only a matter of time before my YL151C slaps me for not leaving hear pear drop solids alone… And its now been six months since she arrived so that says a lot.
    This may sound a little wierd but personally I find the best, most realistic use of air filled is with A cups and would like to compare that to the gel filled… I may go for the WM168A next with Gel filled as think that one would work particularly well.
    For girls like the 157B with the current blend I would stick with solids. Would be very interested to read reports on a 166C with gel filled which I think would be the perfect size to showcase the feature.

  3. Bit funny how just this morning before your post, I mailed LovedollUK after receiving my doll which also had Gel Breasts.
    I did supply LD with a video showcasing how Gel Breasts would feel like, compared to solid and hollow (at least with the ones I had access to).
    These LOOK like gel breasts, but the current TPE blend is very soft, and can understand it’s hard to tell.
    When you squish them together, then should have a feeling of mass all the way through. Compared to air filled where when you get to the empty inside, they collapse without resistance until you hit the opposite wall.

    1. thanks Benjamin, I’ll get your video added to this one to give people a bit of guidance

  4. Gel for me, especially when you want big tits!! Does any one know where you can spend some time alone with dolls? Couldn’t keep one at home but love the idea.

    1. there were a couple of doll brothels attempted in the uk but quickly shut down – torsos are more easily hidden in lofts etc

    2. You can check out Lumidolls brothel in Barcelona.

  5. Yes, gel for me, you want something as close to the real thing as possible. The ones in the video do wobble, but the fact they can be easily compressed does indicate air filled. My doll (B cup) has solid TPE breasts and they are just fine 😉

  6. Just from looking at the video, the wavy, wobbly motion seems indicate gel filling.

  7. Gel.
    Btw. nice tits 😉

  8. Oh wow. Lucky bastard!

  9. From what I’ve read about these new breasts being offered by the Jinsan factory they are actually filled with a much softer tpe that sits in the cavity that would normally exist for hollow breasts so it may be confusing for WM to call them ‘gel filled’. Personally I’ve found it hard to spot much of a difference in the couple of videos I’ve seen on the Doll Forum but with the added weight the breasts must have a more natural droop to them so for that reason alone I would certainly consider them but I imagine you can still feel the hollow cavity if you squeeze hard enough!

  10. They kind of react like balloons so I would say there air filled.

  11. To me it is gel.

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