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Fixed vs Removable Vagina

This is an old question but one that still pops up quite a lot, so here’s a run down and our opinion. From the outside both options look the same until you open the dolls legs. Once you do that, the vagina parts a little and you can see the insert – as you can see it looks pretty unnatural. With the idea of our dolls being to look as real as possible, this is definitely a detraction from that.

There are mixed opinions on which is best but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fixed Vagina: Advantages

  • looks better
  • less likely to get external damage

Fixed Vagina: Disadvatanges

  • Requires inventive cleaning methods, such as thrusting your whole hand up and wash out with soap and water and then dry out with a clean sock on your hand or allow to air dry by leaving the legs slightly parted for a few hours.

Removable Vagina: Advantages

  • Easier to do a more thorough clean as you remove the vagina, take it to the sink, turn it inside out and thoroughly wash, dry and then replace it.

Removable Vagina: Disadvantages

  • Can be quite time-consuming and tricky to remove the insert
  • We’ve frequently seen damaged dolls from people being to forceful on the removal and replacement
  • If you get a spontaneous need to use your doll, the vagina may not actually be in place (you might have forgotten to replace it)
  • It’s only the vagina that’s replaceable, so if you ‘re in to anal sex and oral sex, you’re in the same position anyway
  • doesn’t look so good

To conclude, we always recommend fixed and around 99 out of 100 dolls we sell have a fixed vagina.

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