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Clothes Stained My Sex Doll

Maybe once a month or so, we’ll get an email from a customer saying that their doll has some stains from the clothes they were wearing. The reason this happens is because dolls weep oil. This oil is part of the skin material and manufacturing process and over time it gradually weeps out. This can then seep into the clothes that a doll is wearing and pull the dye out and onto the dolls skin. This can be quite a traumatic time as you may think your £1000 plus doll is ruined. For example, imagine the panic our customer had after he saw what a black bra had done to his doll 🙁

left breast
right breast

The most likely culprits are black items of clothing, as these have the most dye and cheap items of clothing, as these have the lowest quality dye. So to be completely safe you can avoid black clothes and anything that appears quite dark, like a dark red and stiff to whites and pinks. If you must try some other colour then you can either dress your doll for a short period of time and then check if it’s bled, or you can boil wash the clothes first to try and get rid of most of the excess dye to start with. Sometimes different colours are fine, when you buy clothes that have a washed out appearance.

Over time your doll will not exude as much oil so the risk of staining is less. However, if you’re really taking care of your doll you will be applying our high quality mineral oil to keep the TPE soft and prevent cracking or other damage over time and this can also pull dye from clothes. So ultimately, the best advice is to stay away from dark colours.

Below you can see the effect of a single application of our stain remover

left breast after first application
right breast after first application

In total, it took 4 applications to completely remove the stain. So try not to stain your doll but if you do, don’t panic, you can fix it 🙂

8 thoughts on “Clothes Stained My Sex Doll

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I am in the process of ordering a doll and had thought I had researched everything, until I read this post. I have red sheets so needless to say I will make sure there is a white sheet under my doll when it is in bed with me…

  2. ok so this stain remover is absolutely brilliant !
    Couldn’t believe it !
    Deepest stains you can imagine on shoulder and buttock.
    Three tubs of stain remover
    Gone !
    Thanks guys/gals

  3. I had her in faux black leather for an hour. Avoid ! Avoid ! Avoid !. she’s now got a lot of black stains ,even just putting it over her head slightly stained her face. At first it seemed ok . then this black colouring started slowly to develop….and it didn’t stop ,even after removing all garments. I have ordered 3 tubs of stain remover for starters .I reckon there’s a good week’s solid work ahead for me. Hope this acts as a precaution for others

  4. Super!!!

  5. How about washed black leather or faux leather style ?

    1. always best to try for a short period of time and then check

  6. I have stained my dolls 3 times, one was only black lingerie to take a pic for selling only on 5 mins but still stained on tan body. I used stain remover from this company and all gone in 2 sessions as left on for 2-3 days not 24 hours as been told.

    1. thanks for that tip, we’ll be sure to pass that on

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