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Can I Borrow Your Sex Robot

Generally speaking you wouldn’t let someone borrow your girlfriend and by that, I mean let someone else have sex with her. Now, I accept that there are some people out there who are into that kind of thing and that swinging and dogging are probably on the rise. However, there are too many complications with running a spousal timeshare – like emotional fallout, health implications and simple logistics – who’s bed do they use, do you get to watch and that kind of thing.


Now I know a sex doll isn’t a real person but a lot of people form deep attachments with them, so the above questions would be relevant if someone asked to borrow your rubber lover. There are also some extra issues to consider with a doll, like the fact they presently can’t walk around, so someone has to carry her to your pals flat, either that or let them use your bed (by you are a generous guy aren’t you). Another other issue is that of clean up. If you’re new to the sex doll world you may not be aware that you have to clean your jizz out of your doll each time you use it. You see, your girlfriend does that for you each time, whereas a doll can’t – so who cleans it? You’d guess the other guy but what if he doesn’t do a good job or what if he’s got some kind of STD – you know you’d catch it right? Because sex dolls don’t cure STD’s.

So, this is where the sex robot comes in. As they become more advanced they will become increasingly expensive and, like cars, some people will have a Renault and some will have a Mercedes (the odd person will have a Lamborghini). The basic sex robot will be able to bump around your one bedroomed flat, make you some burnt toast for supper and then flop over the kitchen counter for you to administer some no frills action. Whereas the high end ones can run down to McDonalds, get you a Big Mac and then give you a BJ whilst you eat it. The very top of the range ones can, of course, carry you to bed and sing you to sleep with a gentle lullaby.

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So maybe you have a Mercedes and your pal has the Renault. “Come on” he says, “Open Your Wallet” you say and true friendship blooms. Your robot walks herself over to his flat, makes him happier than his crappy robot, makes you some money, cleans and sterilises herself and then holds you and tells you you’re not a bad person. You know, the future really does look great!

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