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Attaching A Sex Doll Head

Our TPE dolls from WM, YL and OR Dolls all come with M16 bolt sockets. On the head it can be found on the underside (where the neck would go) and on the body it is found at the top of the neck. An M16 bolt is a standardised bolt with a 2mm pitch (the distance in between the threads/lines on the bold) and a diameter of 0.6299 inches. The great thing about them being standardised is that it’s easier to replace the bolts or invent something new if you want – like an adaptor for another body.

Previously the head and body were attached to each other by a standard 1.5 inch M16 threaded bar (like a bolt with the head cut off). To attach the head to the body, you simply screwed the bar into the head and then screwed the head onto the neck.

However, in early 2019 the factory introduced a new system, that was half M16 threaded bar and half unthreaded bar, with a ball bearing on one side. This allowed the bolt to be screwed into the head and then simply pushed into the neck of the body.

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