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Are Sex Dolls Cool?

At their beginnings sex dolls were a source of humour. With inflatables making personal appearances at stag and hen parties. Nowadays, people may briefly giggle but when they see how realistic and beautiful they’ve become they stop there and that ‘Wow!’ moment happens.

In my opinion, sex dolls today are doing a great service to society. They’re helping those of us who haven’t developed the emotional skills to handle a relationship, those of us who are simply sick of relationships but still want sex (not just masturbation) and even those of us who’ve grown bored of our present relationship and want to spice it up without bringing in other people and the risks involved with that.

Let’s face it, sex is complicated when it shouldn’t be. We have so many rules and stigmas that it’s pretty rare for anyone to grow up with a normal view of sex , if such a thing even exists.

Those of us who are enlightened enough to buy a sex doll embark on a journey, a transition if you will. We enter that space of examining our sexual selves with freedom and without judgement. We grow without criticism from external and internal voices and build our sexual confidence. As an example, simply looking into the eyes of a doll as you climax and seeing there’s no judgement there drops a lot guilt and helps you to connect with the self of sex.

My advice if you want a doll, is get one. Whether it’s from us or someone else don’t wait. For the great majority of our customers it’s an extremely helpful and life changing thing and if you happen to be one of the few for whom it’s not, then at least you’ve tried and you can move on with your life instead of fantasising over pictures for months or years.

So bye for now and, in case it’s not clear, Sex Dolls Are Cool!

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