All WM, YL and OR bodies

Below you’ll find a list of all the bodies that we sell, click on the links to your favourites to see pictures of dolls with that body:

WM Torso D Cup
WM Torso H Cup
WM Torso M Cup
WM 152cm H Cup
WM 155cm L Cup
WM 157cm B Cup
WM 158cm (Pregnant)
WM 158cm D Cup
WM 159cm D Cup
WM 160cm B Cup
WM 161cm G Cup
WM 162cm D Cup
WM 162cm B Cup
WM 163cm C Cup
WM 163cm H Cup
WM 165cm D Cup
WM 166cm C Cup
WM 167cm N Cup
WM 168cm E Cup
WM 170cm H Cup
WM 170cm M Cup
YL 155cm A Cup (small hips)
YL 155cm A Cup (big hips)
YL 155cm D Cup
YL 160cm JJ Cup
YL 165cm FF Cup
YL 170cm FF Cup
OR 156cm D Cup
OR 156cm E Cup
OR 156cm G Cup
OR 157cm H Cup
OR 160cm K Cup